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Limited Access Rig (LAR) Drilling

• 2 LARs capable of drilling in areas with space constraints utilizing a trailer-mounted hollow stem auger with hammer driven split spoon rig, or a solid auger limited access rig.

B61HT Drill Rig

• 2” and 2.5” driven split spoon sampling.

• Hollow stem auger drilling utilizing 4in., 6in., 8in.,

  10in. and 14in. augers.

• 2” and 2.5” driven split spoon sampling.

• Bedrock coring utilizing various diameter core barrels.

Schramm T685HDD Drill Rig

Drilling with air, foam, water, or mud.

• Depths to 1,000+ feet.

• Coring using up to 8” core barrel to depths of 500+ feet.

Heavy Equipment Services

  1. Backhoe and track excavator-related services for   applications including test pits, percolation testing, trenching, excavation, etc.

• UST removal and disposal with certified personnel.

• Contaminated soil excavation, containerization and disposal.

Downhole Video Logging

  1. Capable of downhole video logging to depths of 1,000 feet to assess casing and screen integrity,foreign matter  intrusion, obstructions, biofouling, etc.

Water Wells

Installation, development, restoration, surface completion and       aquifer parameter Testing

  1. APDI’s staff offers the most experienced well installation,

pump testing, salinity profiling, water sampling available

on Guam and is ready to meet all of your water quality

well needs.